How to make lavender oil

Beloved lavender. Lavender essential oil is not the only means by which we can take advantage of the natural properties of this unique plant. We can also extract the flowers in some base oil and make lavender oil, which we will use in our preparations. Lavender oil can be added practically anywhere. It is a mild antiseptic, intensely aromatic and has good moisturizing properties. It is a gentle oil that can be used in baby preparations. So I will give you the homemade version for those who have access to lavender flowers and do not want to pay to buy the essential oil.

It is easy to prepare and does not require much extraction time. The resulting oil retains its healing properties and the incredible aroma of lavender. I will give you two methods.

You will need:

Fresh lavender flowers Base oil (olive oil, jojoba, almond, grape seed oil or other) Jar with lid Strainer

The key word in making lavender oil is heat. It is a process that is good to do in the summer, when the climate is warm and the sunshine is extensive. But in winter we can complete it with the help of energy and hot water. Remove the lavender flowers from the stalks using your thumb and forefinger, moving in the same direction as the flowers.