Olive oil soap

Necessary equipment: 1. Precision scales 2. Stir blender or mixer 3. Refractory container 4. Stainless pot or bowl 5. Stainless steel ladle 6. Pastry molds or molds

Necessary safety equipment: 1. Plastic gloves 2. Goggles 3. Vinegar

Ingredients: 1000 gr. olive oil, 330 gr. distilled or rain or spring water 127 gr. caustic soda, chemically pure (Sodium Hydroxide NaOH) Optional: Herbs, spices, essential oils

Preparation Instructions: Wear the safety equipment and keep children and pets away from the area. We weigh the materials. Prepare the solution of water and NaOH. Place the refractory container under it, in hood mode or better outdoors. Add the water and gradually add the caustic soda, stirring with a stainless steel spoon, until it is completely dissolved. (SODA ENTERS THE WATER. Never the opposite! Danger of explosion !!!). In the first moments of dissolving the soda, water vapor is released, for this reason we stir from a distance and with an open window. The temperature at which the solution develops reaches 90 degrees Celsius. Allow the solution to cool. Put the olive oil in the pot, gradually add and mix the caustic soda solution that is now at room temperature. Use the stir bar until a trace of saponification appears. Optionally, add grated herbs or spices and essential oils. Place the mixture in the molds and let it stabilize for 24-48 hours. Remove the soap from the molds and store in a ventilated and shady place until it matures, ie the completion of the saponification.

Maturation Time: 8 weeks