It is a mix of refined olive pomace oil with virgin olive oil, whose acidity does not exceed the 0.4%.

The extraction of the oil from the olive pomace and its refinement take place under very strict control conditions and thus, its excellent quality is ensured.

The Olive Pomace Oil has a smooth and mild taste. It is considered ideal for frying, as it withstands high temperatures.


1lt Plastic bottle, 5lt Plastic container
Storage Conditions

20 months in Dry-Dark and Cool place (Temperature 18℃)

Transport Conditions

The product is transported on European type pallets at an ambient temperature, in closed vehicles.


Acidity: 0,1 – 0,4
Peroxide Value: ≤ 15
K270: ≤ 1,70
Sensory Evaluation:
Halogenated Carbohydrates: ≤ 0,2
Sterols: ≥ 1800