Virgin olive oil is a natural product, produced directly from olives and only by mechanical processes. It is a natural olive oil with pleasant taste and aroma. It offers a delicious result both when used raw and in cooking or frying.


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Positive attributes


It concerns all the olfactory senses. It comes from healthy, fresh olives and is the first thing we can perceive directly when we smell. It is the most important attribute in the assessment process, because if it is not detected, an olive oil cannot be classified as extra virgin or virgin.


Distinctive taste in olive oil produced from green fruit or fruit that has started to change color. It results from the action of phenolic substances (mainly oleuropein) and we can perceive it, depending on its intensity, through the entrapped tasting nipples on the V region of the tongue. It disappears gradually after the tasting and it should not be considered as a defect.


Distinctive spicy taste in early harvest olive oils, deriving from olives that are still unripe. It results from the action of certain phenolic substances (mainly oleochantal), can be perceived in the entire oral cavity, starting with the pharynx, and gradually disappears after tasting.

Storage Conditions

16 months in Dry-Dark and Cool place (Temperature 18℃)

Transport Conditions

The product is transported on European type pallets at an ambient temperature, in closed vehicles.


Acidity: 0,9-2%
Peroxide Value: ≤ 20
K270: ≤ 0,25
K232: ≤ 2,6
Sensory Evaluation: Fruitiness > 0 Defects ≤ 3,5
Halogenated Carbohydrates: ≤ 0,2
Waxes: ≤ 150
Sterols: ≥ 1000