In 1960, Il. Oth. Foufas established a small olive oil packaging and standardization company in Doliana, Kynouria, on the sunny shores of the Argolic Gulf. In accordance with the long-standing Greek tradition, he establishes a high quality unit, in order to cover the needs of the local market and the areas around the flatland of Thyreatikos. With hard work, the small unit quickly expands throughout the Peloponnese and to the rapidly growing market of Athens, which is located less than two hundred kilometers away.

The supply of olive oil is slowly differentiating. The olive oil used is from all over the Peloponnese, but also from other areas outside of it, and thus, all qualities are covered. Until 1985, the company deals exclusively with olive oil.

From that year, the sons of Il. Foufas, George and Othonas, enter the company and the second phase of its development begins. With continuous investments, of which the two main took place in 1987 and 1990, the company initially gains nationwide fame and then expands to foreign markets. At the same time, it expands its product line to include a wide variety of seed oils.

In 2012, the third generation actively enters the business and a new cycle of investments begins. The company greatly expands its clientele in foreign countries and at the same time, it strengthens its collaborations in Greece, which are the solid foundations for its further development.



From 1960 to this day, the company’s oil unit has stood out for the exemplary production and excellent quality of its products. We have created a modern standardization unit in privately owned building facilities of 3,000m2.

Facilities include:

A fully automated refining unit for refining olive oil and seed oils, in order to produce products of various qualities.

Four state-of-the-art production lines including containers and bottles of any capacity, from 250 ml to 10 ltr, for high production capacity.

Two diatomaceous earth filters which are suitable for filtering products (foreign matter and moisture) with diatomaceous earth (farina fossile) as well as two paper plate filters (filter press).

Two automated product lines of pet bottles (one – two – five and ten liters).

A fully equipped chemistry, which operates continuously, for the quality control of the products produced daily. At the same time, the company has built a permanent collaboration with a chemical analysis laboratory in order to carry out specialized quality controls.

The computerization of the administrative and secretarial services allows the company to provide fast and safe services to customers and suppliers.

The production capacity of the company amounts to 80 tons per 8 hours in packaging and in standardization and to 7 tons per 8 hours in refining of oils.



The people working in our company all these years, amount to fifteen employees in permanent posts, safeguard the smooth operation of our company. During winter, the number of our employees is increased, given that the production demand is high.



From the beginning of its activity to the present, our company has built a powerful distribution & sales network, which serves over 750 points of sale. One of our primary goals was to achieve optimal distribution coordination.  

By creating a capable fleet of vehicles, we have now covered 90% of Greece with private trucks transporting our products, from production to logistics centers, branches and to all our other partners as well.

At the same time, the sales department constantly informs the partners, both in the supermarkets and in the other points of sale for the new products, studies the needs of the market and proposes immediate solutions.

The goal is to continuously understand the dynamic environment and maximize the benefit for our consumers. Today our products are exported to more than 15 countries such as USA, Europe, China, United Arab Emirates and we continue our effort to open new markets. We aim to offer our customers products of excellent quality at the best prices.

Today our products are exported to more than 15 countries such as USA, Europe, China, and United Arab Emirates.

You cannot change the past, but you can change the future.

Recycling is a way of life!



Recycling is a very important process through which we give a second chance to each material to be turned into raw material and then to a new product, without having to extract or consume new natural resources to create it.

Our goal is to keep using plastic and paper in a sustainable way, without damaging the nature.

We have made a great effort to have zero waste.

All of our carton packaging is made from recycled paper.

In a short time, 100% of the pet bottles we use will be made from recycled plastic.

Our company’s trucks are constantly being replaced with those with reduced pollutant emissions.